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Participatory Installation

Silpakorn University, Nakhorn Pathom Thailand

Here we are;
Here we meet;
Here we make;
Here we live.


HERE letter exchange took place from October 13th to November 15th.
The mailbox was put in front of Tick Cafe as the contact point between myself and the pen pals.

It was truly unfortunate that King Bhumibol passed away on the day it began.
Everyone seemed really shocked and sad. I felt lost, not sure if it was even okay for me to go on with the project.
Even after getting consent from the people around, I felt uneasy.
Before continuing any further, I wanted to empathise with everyone
and covered the originally blue mailbox with black pieces of paper to show my respect.


While continuing on the translingual communication through letters,
bonds with individual pen pals was also built up every day through face to face interaction on the side.

The exchange of letters can be found on the facebook page (click on the image below).

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