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聽. 動. 龍  Listening. Moving. Dragon


Participatory Installation

Gwangju Cultural Foundation, South Korea

with  K. E. KRAYNAK

<청.동.용.>은 광주의 과거, 현재 그리고 미래를 훑는다.

빛고을시민문화관 주변 이곳저곳에

<추억 + 소망 수집소> 이동식 부스를 차려,
다양한 연령대의 광주인들의 추억과 소망을 수집했다.

이야기들은 손 모양의 용비늘에 담겼고,
지나간 추억과 다가오는 새해에 대한 소망을 기원하는 시민들의 손이 모여
영물이 용천하는 모습으로 거듭났다.

빛고을시민문화관 3층의 기다란 공간 한쪽 끝에서 다른 끝으로 이어지는,
빛을 반사하는 비늘들로 인해 자칫 무겁고 딱딱하게 느껴지는 복도 벽에

이따금 빛의 상이 드리워진다.
굽이굽이 흘러온 광주의 역사를 생각하게 하며,

동시에 새로운 시작을 상징한다.

This project was to have a different reflection on local’s winding past. Gwangju is mostly remembered as a wounded city: the peaceful demonstration turned out to be a national trajedy which led to more than 600 civilian deaths by military forces in 1980. It is this horrible historic event that haunts citizens, often times leading to disputes among people of different categories. The aim was to remind their wishes for the city was nonetheless the same.

Mobile booth <Memory & Wish Collector> was on the tour of Gwangju for a month reaching out to the citizens of all ages, visiting schools, parks, markets, shopping districts and elderly homes.

“What memory of Gwangu do you want to share?”

“What are your wishes for Gwangju?”

The comments were gathered on more than 1200 ‘praying hand’s. The hands gathered, formed a mystic creature dragon, which rises out of the past as myth with the hopes and dreams of the city’s present-day citizens.

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