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퐁낭 아래 팡 Pongnang a-re Pang


Participatory Installation

Participatory Book

Gasiri, Jeju Island, South Korea

"퐁낭 아래 팡"은
이제는 추억이 된 가시 삼거리 벚나무가 보고 듣고 겪은 것을 담았다.
가시리의 사계절, 떠오르는 해와 함께 재잘거리는 새들의 소리,
이른 아침부터 분주한 사람들, 뛰노는 아이들의 모습, 만남과 기다림...
나무가 품었던 가시리의 많은 이야기들이 그림자 돗자리로 다시 태어났다.


"Pongnang a-re Pang" is
of what the Cherry tree of Gasi Three-way Intersection has

seen; heard; experienced.

The reason for my fondness for Gasi-ri was the existence of the tree.
Greeting one another drinking morning coffee under the rising sun,
and chatting in the tree shade at the three-way intersection
were the scenery of Gasi-ri’s past and present.

Now that the ‘cherry tree of three-way intersection’ is no longer there,
I would like to disclose the stories of Gasi-ri and the tree through “Pongnang a-re Pang”.


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